A run on the spot


From Il Giorno, October 2nd 2020, >Milano >Cronaca> The World of Professions

I am one of the many opticians who last spring armed themselves with disinfectants of all kinds, visor, gloves, mask and every necessary garrison to deal with the tidal wave in their business that hit everyone.

The act of securing the necessary activity recognized at a time in history that will mark our lives for decades to come-as well as defining every day the social contribution that an optical store makes by operating in the area of fundamental well-being Ottica - DIECIDECIMI® Glasstylist® - Il Giorno visual before it was in commerce-it gave me hope that once we come out of the crisis situation, someone in the control rooms will take to heart the idea of challenging the Royal Decree of 1928, which still regulates the figure of the optician. Nearly a hundred years ago is a much longer time than nearly a century ago, seen in terms of scientific and technological innovation, so much so that what was being normed then was a reality that today appears to be only a canvas of the current one as it presents itself to our eyes, that is, consisting of a multiplicity of different figures.

Ottica - DIECIDECIMI® Glasstylist® - Il Giorno

Each of us in the time that in the lockdown has expanded offering itself to those necessary reflections that before a time perhaps never found it, has imagined a world that if it really had to change could aspire to be better, resolve suspended issues, create synergies, offer opportunities for all to express themselves to the fullest in their work understood, first and foremost, as a contribution to the society to which they belong. My hope is that my colleagues and I can soon feel more “in focus” and at the center of our world that we are passionate about every day. The act of “seeing” is fundamental and comes before anything that can be “done”-we cannot realize this only in dangerous situations. Protecting and regulating, in a way that is more in keeping with the reality we have come to, the entire visual wellness supply chain, which starts from the medical class of ophthalmologists and reaches the end user, passing through the figure of the optometrist, the optician, and the whole world of lenses and frames behind a pair of glasses, is a task that cannot be procrastinated any longer.