Those who stood still in the belief that simply turning the lights back on was enough to resume their seats will be disappointed because nothing has remained as before

From the issue of Vedere International – Special Mido 2022

And it’s MIDO all over again.
For all of us, MIDO has a strong symbolic value now more than ever because it is on the threshold of its 50th birthday that we stopped suddenly, our breath catching in our throats from the rush and the disbelief of the silence that replaced the roar of the celebration.


It seems like yesterday. Instead, it is years.
Those who stood still in the belief that simply turning the lights back on was enough to resume their seats were or will be disappointed because with the lights off nothing remained in place. The world is a constantly moving place and is always moving forward propelled by those who do not give up and find a way even alone in the dark by digging with their bare hands to find a source to drink from. There are those who in loneliness have found the strength and courage to approach others and understand how important it is to value people before numbers. The healthy, respectful, free sharing experienced over the years among independent opticians is a hard-won and inalienable value and often devoted to the search for identity through the recognition of differences. It is the people that count and paradoxically not the numbers. Digitization has pushed us to a form of sharing the value of people to be magically brought back to the center of communication

of many companies (ophthalmic, lac, frames but also trade magazines) opticians. It is fascinating to observe this process from the inside because opticians experience every day the

role of summarizing a myriad of topics in the eyes of the end customer, a role that is difficult to replace but that properly supported closes a perfect circle.
However, we cannot face the present and the joy of meeting again without noticing the darkness of the world around us just outside the windows of our fair. The downside of the “pandemic” sharing that led to the awareness of people’s value was loneliness and darkness of the soul. How else to explain what we have been seeing for months? What can lead to the ferocity of destruction if not the shortsightedness of loneliness?


I will approach Mido with a heart full of joy knowing that I will meet smiling eyes that will tell me about the products before I see and touch them. People before eyeglasses. At Mido I will shake hands that have experienced tate sleepless and difficult nights in search of the perfect detail, identity, value. And I confess, I will search among the thousands of proposals for glasses that with their intrinsic value, a fusion of matter and soul, allow one to see well and sharply a world made of peace.

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