Since 1981 Ottica DIECIDECIMI® Glasstylist® is a one-stop shop For all those who, in addition to having to correct their visual defect, wish to find top-quality products and customized advice on which lenses perform best for maximum visual comfort and which frames best suit the characteristics of one’s face and look.

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Ottica DIECIDECIMI® offers a complete, friendly and continuous service, from vision control, to frame and lens selection, to after-sales service, because for us, an eyeglass is not just a medical device nor, even less, an annoying object to wear. Instead, it is a little gem of engineering that we at Ottica DIECIDECIMI® select for you by wearing each piece, choosing it by color, material, comfort, workmanship, technical details, and also based on our customers’ tastes.

Optics DIECIDECIMI® is not a chain store. Although many have taken up our name, we are the only optical store that can use the DIECIDECIMI® logo, because it has been our registered trademark since 1981, the date our optical store was opened by its founding partners Luciano Falzone and Angelo Micheli. It is a store that has its own special history, which we invite you to read about in the appropriate section The Shop.

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Since 2010, the helm of the store has been handed over to Franca Bochicchio Falzone who, while maintaining the quality and expertise that has always been recognized by all our customers at Ottica DIECIDECIMI®, has introduced a new product and service approach, envisioning the concept of Glasstylist, based on the selection of unique Brands produced on the Italian and European territory and the offer of a personalized service, where the professional expertise of the optician is combined with the need of each of us to experience eyewear as an accessory to complete our personal look.

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