Get Inspired by our shop windows

When we stand in front of an eyeglass in which the signs of manual workmanship are visible, marrying the balance of the eyewear and giving it uniqueness, we know that it is a selection that belongs to us. Today, the technology that surrounds us has allowed us to make great strides, but it is also the cause of a superfluous quantity of objects that, redundant, too often create chaos. We love to choose the quality of handcrafted eyewear, the craftsmanship is a transparent signature that you can see and touch, and it conveys a charm that we are always proud to bring to you, the end customer. Scratches, embellishing irregularities, brush strokes, wood fibers caressed one by one, chiseling, specific and innovative manual techniques, maniacal attention to detail all accompanying materials selected with care, passion, love.

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