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The very first eyeglasses in history were actually made of metal. Since the noseglasses, a lot of water has passed under the bridge, but metal continues to be a widely used, popular and very versatile material in accommodating new styles and processing techniques. The use of titanium in the modern era has made it possible to make very light and essential eyewear, but modern processing techniques have allowed designers a level of creativity that allows them to create true masterpieces that are solid yet light, colorful, worked in a variety of ways, or chiseled like weaves of the finest lace. Almost all metal glasses have nose pads made of soft sylicon, ceramic, titanium. We know they are unloved because the weight is concentrated where they rest. It’s really all about balancing the eyewear (considered in its sum lens plus frame) but again …get advice if you have doubts and absolutely try them on!
Curious about what you can do with metal? Our selection is all for you.

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