Get Inspired by our shop windows

Let’s confess, the idea of putting a pair of glasses on the face or rather in front of our windows facing the world, always creates a moment of crisis because what we are returning of ourselves to the world around us passes mainly through our eyes. With these glasses will my expression be faithful or at least express what I want to communicate? Rest assured the “right” glasses can not only communicate who you are faithfully but also emphasize your personality traits. Superpowers? No…but almost. If in absolute value a round eyeglass communicates openness, sympathy, fanciness, joy and a squared one severity, harshness, regularity, precision, all is subjective to the face and personality of the wearer. Friends, family and us can help and advise you but the only judge is you who has to wear them. It is paradoxical but when you try on a pair of glasses and look at yourself in the mirror ultimately you know that you are implicitly asking yourself “who am I”?
Who are you? Who do you want to be? The frame is the most playful aspect in choosing eyewear, ergo have fun selecting yours!

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