Get Inspired by our shop windows

There are glasses that have found such a perfect symbiosis with the famous people who chose and wore them that they become the “glasses of.” So if the character is in our own chords or his style resembles us or fits a part we want to play, its glasstyle intrigues us and we seek it out. John Lennon’s round glasses, Johnny Depp’s pantoscopic ones, Wertmuller’s white ones, Onassis’ thick ones with wide temples, Jackie Kennedy’s oversized, black glasses, Audrey Hepburn and Marylin Monroe’s butterfly glasses. These are shapes that are still in demand today, and designers never stop reinventing them, embellishing them or simply paying homage to them with craftsmanship using the highest quality materials that last. If you are looking for timeless eyewear get inspired by our selection.

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