Get Inspired by our shop windows

In these recent times we needed it every day in massive doses to try to color the grey times. But color is an increasingly valued and required feature in eyewear. Let’s tell a real truth right away: color in eyewear is nothing without the right design, shape, thickness, material to explode and enhance it. The same rule always applies that an eyeglass is worn to understand its effect because like a perfume it returns the true essence only on your skin. Solid, transparent, translucent, satin, brilliant colors are endless combinations with matter, form and substance and can create beautiful glasses in deed, but if you really want to understand if they are also in their potential you have to wear them because the last piece of the mosaic is always you, the color of your skin, of your eyes. Right now designers and stylists have flooded us with color, and in defiance of what is most “fashionable,” each of us has our own preference and can see if the match works.

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