Have you ever thought that the eye, the wonderful organ that gives us sight, is the only one in the human body in constant contact with the outside world, whose only protection is deputed to eyelids, eyelashes and eyebrows?
It is also one of the most sophisticated organs in nature but, often, we tend to give it less care than we should starting, perhaps, with the choice of glasses that are not perfectly tailored to our specific visus and or our peculiar anatomical features.


Viewing well actually allows us to fully interact with the world around us, respond appropriately to the endless inputs in everyday life, focus on details in the distance and proximity, and in essence experience a better quality of life.

At Ottica DIECIDECIMI® Glasstylist®, we know the value of your eyes, therefore, we make it a point to provide you with the best customized service to enable you to make the most of your visual abilities, preserve the integrity of your visual system with the use of filters and protective treatments on lenses that are suitable for the containment of harmful UV rays that act by accumulation or specific to blue light emitted by digital devices. Diseases and degeneration at the ocular level, a subject of exclusive prerogative of the ophthalmologist, have a silent and painless and often irreversible course, so attention to ocular well-being that we opticians can brilliantly assist and regular medical checkups are of paramount importance to ensure that we take advantage throughout life of an efficient and healthy visual system.

Never forget: even if you have ten-tenths, it is always advisable to have an eye examination and a checkup of your vision every 1 to 2 years depending on your age.

In addition to our expertise, to provide you with maximum control we use a range of tools to assist our work in finding the perfect balance between visus and visual comfort.

Objective surveying

Modern technology has provided us with equipment that can detect the parameters of a visual system with very high accuracy. Our objective detection is through an advanced state-of-the-art multimodal platform that combines autorefraction and keratometry with a topographer and gives us the opportunity to investigate the corneal and refractive process with a comprehensive and thorough testing procedure. This is the basis for our refractive examination, which takes up the space of a few minutes to capture an enormous amount of data on which to base our examination.

Subjective test

At Ottica DIECIDECIMI® Glasstylist®, we always spend as much time as necessary to assess together with you with a subjective survey, your visual skills and any correction needs. Because for the determination of visual acuity and the identification of the appropriate correction to be made, nothing is more important than your subjective judgment, what you see and how you see it, and the subsequent translation of this by us into a perfect device.

Slit Lamp

In contact lens practice, the slit lamp allows us to take an in-depth look at the outer segment of the eye, giving us the opportunity to assess whether and how to proceed with contact lens fitting. While it is true that contact lenses are advisable for 90 percent of people in need of correction, it is also true that the visual comfort and effectiveness of the lens itself varies as the physical parameters of our eyes and the materials of the contact lenses that must meet those characteristics.

Personalized centering of ophthalmic lenses

Modern ophthalmic lenses are, for all intents and purposes, little jewels of technology light years away from the plastic pieces found in any pre-assembled found now everywhere down to the market stalls. In order for all the technology at our disposal to be translated into your eyewear, we complement the classic method of centering detection with a highly advanced centering system that allows, through the use of precision cameras, to detect and evaluate all parameters : from the positioning of the frame on your face, the distance between the eye and the lens, the angle of inclination of the lens plane with respect to the eye, the wrapping of the frame itself, the distance between the lenses, the pupillary distance and more. All of this is to ensure the perfect centering of the lenses on your face, which is always functional but becomes critical when using custom lenses.

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