Have you ever felt a little lost in front of a rack full of glasses of all shapes and colors?
Where in that chaos are the ones you saw in commercials and liked so much? How will you find them on your own in those racks that make them all look the same? Will they fit you well? Will they match your style?


But if the eyeglass is colored how do you combine it? And which color best matches your colors? But will the lenses make the eyes look smaller/larger?

By the third pair of glasses we try on, we begin to get discouraged…and the idea begins to set in that we will never find what we are looking for because we have a definite idea of ourselves and our face and to enhance it we need…a third eye: The Glasstylist®!

Many years ago it was your trusted optician who would let you try on glasses based mostly on technical requirements. If we look back in time, the purely aesthetic detail was not really in the foreground despite the fact that even shapes and trends considered more obsolete have since had a new resurgence (the tortoiseshell color, the 1950s eyelashes, the thick, bold frames of the 1960s, the wide glasses of the 1970s).

Then the potential of eyewear as an accessory not an end in itself and its medical purposes was sniffed out by designers, and everyone, but truly everyone, made eyewear.

There was a time not so long ago when to feel good with a pair of glasses on your face all you had to do was follow the fashion dictates-everything you churned out was a hit.

Times have changed, water under the bridge has passed. Globalization has swept away many things and brought in many new and not always positive ones.

Today, the world of eyewear has literally been taken by storm., gnawed away at large and small by so many other industries to the point of reducing to the bone the idea of eyeglasses itself by even making it a stall item to get the eyes used to without taking into account how much this hurts the precious gift of sight.

But back to us….because at us at Ottica DIECIDECIMI®, eyewear has never lost its identity, has never stopped being considered a valuable ally of eye health and a fundamental tool to complete or enrich our look.

On the contrary, our world has evolved, and in this Babel that the optical industry has become, we have continued to select frames and lenses to preserve the eyeglass made as it once was, technically perfect in every part–and more!

This is Ottica DIECIDECIMI®, this is Glasstylist®!