Research and scientific innovation are the distinctive elements of the optical world, and Contactology is certainly a shining example of the evolution in the study of new materials to enable ever greater performance and maximum comfort.Ottica-Diecidecimi-Glasstylist-Lenti-a-contatto_01

Everybody knows that there are various types of contact lenses (also called Lac), which are classified by durability, materials, technology and use. Tuttavia forse non tutti sanno che nonostante le lenti a contatto siano certamente una soluzione molto vantaggiosa sia per un uso quotidiano, da mattina a sera, sia per un uso saltuario o finalizzato ad un’attività specifica, non tutte le persone sono idonee all’applicazione di Lac.

Before approaching the world of contact lenses, in fact, it is necessary to check the suitability for wearing, the good condition of the ocular tissues, the peculiar characteristics of the structure and curves of the cornea, the level of lacrimation, the intended use as well as, of course, the correcting need. All this and much more in order to identify the correct type of contact lens to fit to ensure not only comfort of use, but also absolute biocompatibility of the lenses, which means the certainty of not incurring adverse reactions of the body toward the Lac material.

And it doesn’t end there!

Learning how to put on and take off a Lac, its cleaning, disinfection, and more generally its maintenance, are equally important elements to be learned and held in the highest regard, and at DIECIDECIMI® Glasstylist® they are an integral part of the personalized support service we reserve for our loyal customers during application.